Distilled from grape wine or other fermented juice from fruit. Fresh fruity flavors, with hints of wood, dependent on time spent in barrel. Enjoy served neat, heated or in a traditional cocktail, like The Sidecar.

Cognac & Armagnac

Cognac and Armagnac are regions in France, producing some of the finest brandies in the world. The dominant grape variety is Ugni Blanc with small amounts of Colombard and Folle Blanche. Various production methods exist creating brandies that have a soft character ideal for drinking young, to ones that have a little more assertiveness ideal for longer aging. The casks used for aging Cognac are typically Limousin oak, which, because of the porous nature, allows for more liquid interaction with the wood. Cognac & Armagnac have several label terms that indicate the age of the brandy from V.S. (Very Special) to X.O. (Extra Old).


Grappa is produced in Italy from the discarded grape skins left over from winemaking. Can be aged or unaged.

Fruit Brandy

Distilled from fermented fruit juice, a wide variety of styles exist. Two of the most common are Poire William, made from pears; and Calvados, produced with apples. Cherry brandy and kirsch are also common.